K2 Audiovisual

Comprehensive technical services of audiovisual production

K_ _2 Audiovisual.  We are an international large experience audiovisual and technical director provider, with a rich knowledge and understanding of developing and bringing to life creativities and imaginations through advanced ways in technology.

At K__2 Audiovisual we are client-centered with experienced teams and the highest quality equipment.

Focused on corporate events, international congresses, as well as gala dinners and private events hosted in and around Madrid and Barcelona.



We offer an unrivalled service which leads
us to succeed in every project.

Are you looking for the key to success?

At K_ _2 Audiovisual we work with the highest level of service and attention to detail in a seamlessly and timely manner.

We have the equipment and expertise to create engaging and captivating experiences, no matter the size and the complexity of your event. Many global brands and companies have trusted us, including the agencies of Huawei, Xiaomi, Oppo, Fitur, FC Barcelona, among other international entities.

K_ _2 Audiovisual is key to achieve the most outstanding, creative, innovative and memorable event.

We are key to support customer wishes from the beginning till the end, providing reliability and proactivity above all.

K_ _2  is your provider with a specialized and experienced team, ideal for carrying out any technical work using top quality equipment ensuring the best result.

Our key services

We create any event, from large scale to most exclusive. Thanks to our experience, internationality, power and career, we develope  excellent projects in a wide range of fields, such as sports, cultural, professional, corporate, private, commercial, etc.

  • Technical Production

  • Set & Stage

  • Video

  • Lighting

  • Sound

  • Simultaneous translation

We offer tailored technical and audiovisual production and direction solutions for corporate events, congresses, and stands. From conceptualization, budgeting, design, implementation, pre-production, and onsite execution, we ensure that our clients' events are a complete success.

Scenography is not just a complement to the event, but it defines the staging of the project and the impact of a corporate event or conference. At K2, we specialize in offering stage design and production, backdrops, photocall, and the production of any custom element for your event.

We work to provide our clients with the most innovative solutions in the market, whether in projection systems or LED screens, ensuring that their presentations have a striking effect at their events. We offer multicamera recording services, both in 4k and Full HD, for streaming or delivery after editing.

Properly lighting a space or auditorium is a key factor in carrying out an event, allowing every detail or space of your event to stand out. At K2 Audiovisual, we work with lighting designers and creatives specialized in designing custom lighting for our clients' events.

We offer sound equipment and microphone rental with highly qualified personnel to set up and operate any profile of event or congress, ensuring that the sound level and quality meet our clients' expectations.

We offer simultaneous or consecutive translation services for any profile of corporate event, congress, or conference. We have a technical team with extensive experience in the translation sector.

Health, Fashion, Beauty, Food & Beverage (F&B), Sports, Energy, Finance, Technology, Automotive, Retail, Pharma