Huawei Sales Event

Type of event: 200 pax
What: Keynote and Coffee Break
Where: Novotel Campo de Las Naciones, Madrid, 2023

Challenge: To comprehensively produce Huawei’s sales event. To make the event we set up a 12 x 3 mt high resolution led screen, multi-camera recording, simultaneous translation, lights and sound. The event was streamed to 7 of the client’s sites. 

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For the main event, a 12 x 3 mt, 2.6mm pitch LED screen with a resolution of 4,600 x 1,152 pixels was mounted.
For the recording of the event we used a system of 2 cameras in 4k, to record everything that happened in the event.
A parallel composition of the event was made, to broadcast the event internally through a client’s website and 7 social networks in China.
For the simultaneous translation of the event we set up a booth with two work places and 100 receivers. 

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